How To Choose The Perfect Ring For Your Finger Size

24 January 2018
How To Choose The Perfect Ring For Your Finger Size

When it comes to rings, whether it looks good on you or not is all we care about. Most of us fall into that mistake. Well, let's say you are walking down the street or chilling in your favourite coffee place with your gorgeous looking diamond ring. When you feel that sensation of the squeeze on your ring finger that takes a little bit from your feeling of gorgeousness doesn’t it? That is why picking the right size is so important. To feel the best, choose the best.

In order to pick the best ring size for your finger, there are various methods to help you find out what your measurement is. Here are some of these methods:

  1. Measuring the inner diameter of a ring that already fits you.

In order to do this calculation, the first thing you have to do is to take a ring that you already wear comfortably. Also, you need a ruler to measure. Then measure the ring like shown in the picture below.

Be sure to measure the inner circle, not the outside. Also, try your best to find the centre of the ring before doing the measurement.


  1. Measuring Your Finger’s Circumference With a Rope

Find the exact point on your finger where your ring rests. Then measure the circumference of this point with a thin robe. Then measure the length of the robe with a ruler. Now you know exact circumference of your ring finger.


Ok, now you know the diameter of your ring or circumference of your ring finger. How you are going to use this information is very simple. There is a chart below to determine your ring size according to these numbers.



After determining your best ring size now you can pick the ring that fits you like a glove (well, in that case, fits you like a ring).

Ok, ok ladies; you already know most of that stuff. But have you ever thought what men know about ring sizes? To be honest, this information is known to most women and a big part of the aim of this text is to inform men. Men wear rings too and most of them don’t know their ring sizes. I rarely see men that wear rings that are not loose or too tight for them. They just try one or two times when they are buying them in stores and they don’t give themselves enough time to decide. They buy rings that are too tight for their fingers, thinking that is how it should be. Or worse, they chose loose rings, thinking that would be comfortable and they end up losing that ring because it somehow slipped from their finger. Some of them are even engagement rings. Believe me, it happened to three of my friends so far.

But don’t worry now. After acquiring this information, you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable with a ring you are going to buy. Just use the information above. And now that you know the way to calculate your ring size you can pick that ring and be comfortable with it. Don’t forget to choose the best to feel the best.

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