Sales Contract

Sales Contract

All the users are deemed to accept to read and confirm the sales contract when they do the membership procedures.
Sales contract is between and the client in virtual platform.
Article - 1 
Herein, this sales contract’s subject cover parties rights and obligations about the features of saler’s sale, client’s purchase, its deliver and all the other matters mentioned below with Consumer Protection Law numbered as 4077 accordingly distance contract implementation fundamentals and procedures.
Article - 2 
 Information about the Seller
İstanbul Advertising Marketing and Telecommunication Ltd.
Article - 3 
 Information about the client
All the members: all the users who become a member of  İstanbul Advertising Marketing and Telecommunication Ltd. and shop with e – trade store which belongs to the firm mentioned above. (Hereupon, it is referred to as client or recipient).
Article - 4 
The type, quantity, mark, model, color, number, sale price and mode of payment of the product or good are as mentioned in website and it can be changed without notifying to the client.

Article - 5 
5.1 - CLIENT, states to read all the matters such as subject of the agreement, basic features of the product, sale price and mode of payment mentioned in Article 4 and to accept all the prior knowledge and confirm it in virtual platform.
 5.2 – The product as in subject of agreement will be delivered to the client or another person or institution that client wants in the determined address in stated time according to the address location, distance and other conditions.
5.3 - If the contractual item is to be delivered to another person or organization from the buyer, the SELLER shall not be held responsible for the fact that the delivery person or organization does not accept delivery.
5.4 "The SELLER” is responsible for the delivery of the contractual product in its entirety, complete, in accordance with the qualifications specified, and with the warranty documents and user manuals, if any.

5.5 For the delivery of the contract product, the contract must be approved in electronic form and the purchase price must be paid by the buyer's preferred payment form. If, for any reason, the product is not paid for or is canceled on bank records, the SELLER shall be deemed to have been released from the obligation to deliver the product.

5.6 In the event that the seller or the financial institution fails to pay the price of the product to the SELLER for the reason that the credit card belonging to the customer has been used unauthorized or unlawfully in an unauthorized person after the delivery of the product, the CLIENT has to send the product to the SELLER 3 working days. In such a case, the transportation costs belong to the client.
 5.7 – SELLER is obliged to notify the client if he or she can not deliver the product that is the subject of agreement within the term of the contractual period for the emergency reasons or extraordinary circumstances such as interruption of air transportation or obstruction of transportation. In this case, the client can use one of the rights such as cancellation of the order, the contractual product to be replaced with the precedent, and / or the postponement of the delivery period until the obstacle is removed. In case the client cancels the order, the SELLER shall make an inquiry to the relevant bank about the cancellation of receipt of the credit card belonging to the client within 7 days and the transaction is notified to the CLIENT via electronic mail. In such a case, the SELLER can not be held responsible for delays caused by the relevant bank.
5.8 – In the event that the products which are delivered to the person and / or the institutions which are requested to be delivered by the CLIENT are faulty or defective, the relevant product or products shall be sent within 7 days starting from the date of receipt by the CLIENT and shipping costs are paid by the SELLER. In such a case, if the 7 days expire, the CLIENT has to take the delivered product to the related service.

5.9- Hereby the contract will be valid after electronic confirmation is done (when membership starts) and send to Serbest Liman Bölgesi Mailbox No:639 Mersin.
 Article - 6 
The client shall have the right to withdraw within seven (7) days from the delivery of the contractual matter to himself / herself or to the person / organization in which it is shown. In order to use the right of withdrawal, the SELLER must be notified by fax or e-mail within this period and the product and the package has not been damaged. If this right is used, it is obligatory to have the delivery record about the shipping of the product to the SELLER and return of sale invoice. Within 7 days of receipt of these documents, the SELLER shall attempt into the relevant bank for the return of the product price to the account of the CLIENT’S credit card. SELLER can not be held responsible for the problems about return of product price caused by the bank. If the sales invoice is not shipped, the value added tax and other legal obligations will not be refunded. Cargo price of the product which is wanted to be returned by the client is owned by the client. 
Article - 7 
Arbitration committee for consumer problems declared by ministry of industry and commerce and CONSUMER COURTS where are nearby to the location of CLIENT and SELLER are authorized to implement hereby the contract. If the order is confirmed in virtual platform, CLIENT is deemed to accept all the articles of this sales contract.

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