Importance of Silver Industry

01 February 2018
Importance of Silver Industry

Silver, as a valuable metal, has a long story from mines to stores. It also has a long history. Yet, since it was discovered later than gold and copper and it was embedded deeper under the ground, gold was extracted and spread throughout the word before silver. This is why gold came to be more popular and common. Even though the gold is the most common valuable metal, the silver industry has a huge percentage of the world’s industrial market. China, Japan and Singapore are the biggest providers of silver and they are working to increase capacity to meet the world’s needs.

There is a wide range of fields in which silver is used. Some of these are; photography industry, electronics, money production, ornamental and jewellery production, alloys, dentistry. In addition, it is used in artificial rain, mirror glazing, computer relay contacts and battery production. Silver is highly conductive and silver wires were used in the past. However, because of its rare occurrence and value, it is no longer used for this purpose. Today it is used mostly in making mirrors, photography and preparation of certain medicines, alloys and production of ornaments.

In terms of jewellery accessories and ornaments, silver industry bears a huge importance. There is a significantly growing demand for silver jewellery from both men and women. Customers are moving towards silver jewellery since it has a ton of interesting designs and are great to complement your both casual and formal clothing choices. They come with a huge variety and options. Its popularity has started to take over gold more and more for various reasons. Moreover, silver can be engraved with any stone easily as opposed to gold.  It is trendy and adopting silver jewellery on various occasions can prettify your look instantly. For your traditional outings, you can opt for oxidised silver jewellery and look stunning.

Here is an interesting fact about silver: It is beneficial for your health. From history to today, silver has been used in antibiotics and sterilization; and many women and men wear silver ornaments to save themselves from (or reduce the effects of) infection, cold/flu symptoms, and any other virus, bacteria, etc. Silver also said to keep our blood vessels resilient and it enables them to play a role in bone formation and healing, as well as skin regeneration and protection. Moreover, silver has a tangible benefit in helping us to protect ourselves from potentially toxic materials. As a metal, silver has a reactive characteristic when encounters with toxins and it changes colour slightly.

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