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We have listed below the most curious topics and frequently asked questions to help you feel safe at every step of your shopping.

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Order / Shipping
  • Will my order come to my address?

    Silveroni's contracted logistics company delivers to every region of the world. However, the delivery date or format for some regions may vary.

  • Can I do order tracking for the products I ordered?

    Yes. After your order is delivered to shipping company, you are informed by SMS / mail. The cargo tracking number that you will follow your order is shared with you. If your cargo tracking number does not reach you, you can find out the status of your order and the cargo tracking number by calling 0850 303 97 42 Alliance Silveroni Customer Support Line.

  • When will my orders be delivered?

    Your orders will be delivered to cargo within 7 working days after bank approval is received. The shipping company will deliver your order within 1-3 days according to the delivery address' distance to the Istanbul Operations Center and within 7-15 days according to the distance to our Operations Center in Thailand.

    If you prefer a custom designed product or a product that is not in stock, there is a 30-day production period for the product to be designed specifically for you. In the meantime, the product fee that wasn't produced is paid to the customer.

    The deadlines imparted to you for your bulk orders are valid.

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